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From the 1950s, Charles Badoisel attended the port of Erquy in the Côtes d'Armor.

The port of Erquy with its fishing boats which bring back from the sea the famous scallops, with the lighthouse, the bay, the beaches, the houses made of distinct pink granite always have been a source of inspiration for Charles Badoisel until the end of his life.

At the first Salon d'Angers in 1982, he exhibited an oil painting entitled "Sky, sea and sand from Erquy " which inspired the following comment : Charles Badoisel in a great lyrical impulse floods its Breton coast with violent lights from the South. " (Ouest France 26-10-1982)


  • 1-N931_Dessin_Port d'Erquy_1956_65x50
  • 2-N1412_Aquarelle_Erquy 22 juillet 56_1956_65x50_signé
  • 3-N1583_Dessin_Erquy 56_1956_65x50
  • 4-N1451_Aquarelle_Erquy_1957_65x50_signé
  • 5-N1844_Aquarelle_Plage d'Erquy _1957_65x50
  • 6-N1800_Aquarelle_Le port d'Erquy_1963_63x44
  • 7-N65_Huile_Le port d'Erquy_1965_90x60_20P_signé
  • 8-N1473_Aquarelle_Bateau à Erquy_1970_65x50
  • 9-N35_Huile_Le phare d'Erquy_1971_80x115_signé
  • 10-N1767_Aquarelle & Gouache_Erquy 1971_81x60_signé.JPG
  • 11-N1051_Aquarelle_Bateaux de pêche à Erquy_1973_65x50_signé
  • 12-N1075_Aquarelle_Erquy_1973_60x40
  • 13-N1859_Pastel_Le port d'Erquy_1974_55x46_signé
  • 14-N851_Aquarelle_Baie d'Erquy_1982_61x46_signé
  • 15-N1697_Aquarelle_Erquy_1982_65x50
  • 16-N1707_Aquarelle_Erquy, le port_1982_65x50_signé
  • 17-N850_Pastel_Le port d'Erquy_1983_65x50_signé
  • 18-N1715_Aquarelle_Erquy_1983_65x50_signé
  • 19-N46_Huile_Le port d'Erquy_1984_94x66_signé
  • 20-N174_Huile_Le phare d'Erquy_1985_50x65_15F_signé
  • 21-N883_Pastel_Port d'Erquy_1986_65x50_signé
  • 22-N884_Pastel_Port d'Erquy_ 1986_65x50_signé
  • 23-N892_Aquarelle & Gouache_Port d'Erquy_1986_55x47
  • 24-N203_Huile_Port d'Erquy_1988_54x36_10P_signé
  • 25-N176_Huile_Erquy_Bateaux dans le port_1989_55x44_10F_signé
  • 26-N69_Huile_Le port d'Erquy_1991_70x50_signé
  • 27-N1285_Pastel_Erquy_1991_63x49
  • 28-N76_Huile_Le port d'Erquy_1993_62x50_15P_signé
  • 29-N86_Huile_Le port d'Erquy_1993_45x32_signé
  • 30-N155_Huile_Le port d'Erquy_1995_60x47_15F_signé
  • 31-N474_Aquarelle_Erquy_1996_60x50_signé
  • 32-N100_Huile_Cap d'Erquy_2000_35x25_signé
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