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Charles Badoisel made four trips altogether to Réunion Island : in 1984, 1986, 1992 and  2000. He was seduced by the beauté of the Island from his very first trip and especially enthralled by sceneries of open-air food markets in the village la Rivière des Pluies (north of the Island), in Saint-Pierre (south of the Island) and in Saint-Denis (north - capital of the Island) in le Chaudron neighbourhood. 
In 1986, he made an art exhibition together with the famous French painter Carzou in the hotel Le Méridien in Saint-Denis.  « Now, I know this gifted painter Charles Badoisel, and I appreciate him and his art very greatly… Dear messenger, now you are flying off to this magical and mysterious Island called « Reunion Island ». And I would be delighted to be with you through my artwork. » Extract of a letter from Carzou to Charles Badoisel (1986).
Charles Badoisel chose an oil painting from Le Chaudron to represent his artwork in the Salon d'Angers of 1987, inaugurated by the French President François Mitterrand.


  • 1-YB_La drague_Le Port_La Réunion 1984_Huile 200x200
  • 2-N189_Marché de la Rivière des Pluies_La Réunion 1984_Huile 54x37
  • 3-I48 Saint-Gilles_La Réunion 1984_Aquarelle 62x37
  • 4-N865_La Rivière des PLuies_La Réunion 1984_Aquarelle 55x44
  • 5-N1233_St-Denis_Le Cap Bernard_La Réunion 1984_Aquarelle 65x50
  • 6-N867_Domenjod_La Réunion 1984_Aquarelle 55x44
  • 7-N870_La Bretagne_La Réunion 1984_Aquarelle 55x44
  • 8-N886_La drague_Le Port_La Réunion 1984_Aquarelle 65x50
  • 9-IB_Route de la Bretagne_La Réunion 1984_Huile 55x38
  • 10-I9_Domenjod_La Réunion 1984_Huile 55x38
  • 11-I12_Marché du Chaudron_La Réunion 1984_Pastel_65x50
  • 12-N85_Le kiosque du Barachois_La Réunion 1986_Huile 45x30
  • 13-I23_Temple tamoul à Bois Rouge_La Réunion 1986_Gouache 65x50
  • 14-I24_Le Port_La Réunion 1986_Gouache 65x50
  • 15-I28_Le Barachois_St-Denis_La Réunion 1986_Pastel 21x29
  • 16-I30_Le Meridien St-Denis_La Réunion 1986_Pastel 21x29
  • 17-N392_Le Port_La Réunion 1986_Aquarelle 65x50
  • 18-N210_Paysage aux flamboyants_La Réunion 1986_Huile 53x35
  • 19-N53_Marché de la Réunion 1992_Huile 64x53
  • 20-N157_Marché du Chaudron_La Réunion 1992_Huile 60x47
  • 21-N166_Marché du Chaudron_La Réunion 1992_ uile 61x50
  • 22-N172_Pique-nique sous les filaos_La Réunion 1992_Huile 65x50
  • 23-N179_Marché de St-Pierre_La Réunion 1992_Huile 55x38
  • 24-I31_Marché du Chaudron1_La Réunion 1992_Gouache 29x21
  • 25-I32_Marché du Chaudron2_La Réunion 1992_Gouache 29x21
  • 26-I35_Petite Ile_Grande Anse_La Réunion 1992_Gouache 29x21
  • 27-I42_Petite Ile_La Réunion 1992_Dessin 29x21
  • 28-I43_L'église de Petite Ile_La Réunion 1992_Pastel 29x21
  • 29-I44_Marché de la Rivière des Pluies 1_La Réunion 1992_Gouache 21x29
  • 30-I45_Marché de la Rivière des Pluies 2_La Réunion 1992 Gouache 21x29
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