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Site hébergé par SAS OVH - 2 rue  Kellermann BP 80157 - 59100-ROUBAIX

     You may want to contact us ( Contact@CharlesBADOISEL.com )
             for any of the following reasons :
          - obtain some information about the life and the work of
             Charles Badoisel
          - enhance the content of this website
          - organise exhibitions of some of the work of Charles Badoisel
         - purchase or sell some of the artwork of Charles Badoisel

       If you are fond of his artwork, please share with your friends
            your interest in the artwork Charles Badoisel by sending
            them the link of our website :

      This website is the reference website of the painter Charles Badoisel. It has been created and updated under the sole control and validation of the beneficiaries of the Artist copyright.
     The artworks and all contents in this website are solely the property of the beneficiaries of the Artist copyright. Any reproduction partial or complete of any of the artworks shown on this website, done without the explicit authorisation of the owners/beneficiaries of this copyright is prohibited  (article L713-2 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle).

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